A look into the bikes of New Orleans from a different perspective.

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Bikes of NOLA

Sometimes you have to pay attention, but in New Orleans it is really hard to miss the cycling community...what sets New Orleans apart from anything else is the unique culture and community of people, and I think that you will see that it permeates even the most seemingly common things like cycling.

2013 BP MS150 4/20/2013-4/21/2013 180 miles

We started day one in cool temps in the low 40s…but that didn’t take my mind off the fact that my hill mule (aka my wife) was not going to be there…kind of anxious but kind of sad.  Rolling across into the reservoir made the temps drop even lower; when I decided to roll –… Continue Reading

2013 TMCO Gran Fondo

So me and Robert and about 3000 other riders participated in the 2013 Gran Fondo – I had never done it, so I figured I’d give it a try.  I have to say…definitely not impressed…from the parking disorganization to the lack of support…$40-$50 for a chicken burrito and some classical music…bleh!  I have to say… Continue Reading

2013 Ready2Roll-04 – Sealy, TX

Boy oh boy!  We thought it was going to be cold, and guess what?!? – IT WAS!  Don’t let Cheesy fool you with his bare legs…it was cold when we started!  The winds weren’t nearly as bad as we anticipated, but it was a great route and quite beautiful.  Thanks to my crappy long-finger gloves,… Continue Reading

Drop-in Ride? Sunday February 10, 2013

Is anyone interested in riding Sunday?  Someone close to me is doing a duathlon in Bear Creek Park at 8am, so something in/around there would be great.  I am open to suggestions.  Just post a comment or reply and we will work out the details. Continue Reading