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2013 Pedaling The Prairie – Hempstead, TX

This was a great ride!  Three four folks were there, but I never did see Kaydee…either way – we had a blast as always.  I remembered now why I like this route.  It has some great rollers that are very fast – but more importantly, you can find just about every type and style of brownie at the rest stops.  Superb support apparently isn’t enough – Faith West always seems to have student’s moms baking all sorts of brownies.  I understand that that was a brownie mishap, but it was resolved without ceremony and it went unreported (see Cheesy for details).

There were several routes, but we chose to do the 55 mile route as we had time constraints and frankly – the wind was pretty brutal – 10-15mph steady with strong gusts.  While we had some great stretches of north travel, the south and east travel was painful; but the fast rollers more than made up for it.

I hope that you can all make a ride in the future, but if you can’t for God’s sake Keep on Pedaling.

Here is the related route map.

2013 Pedaling The Prairie

2/9/2013 Pedaling The Prairie aka Brownie Buster - this is a great ride