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2013 – Hockley, TX – Jerky Run Drop-in Ride

Did I mentioned 8:30-ish roll time?  Ok – so that was it!  It was great to see Chip and Jeff and their buddy out at Zube today to join us to the Jerky stop – Greg, Kip and Michelle were there too!  The weather was just chilly when we left, but it go warm fast and the ride out was brisk and fast.  Hempstead Highway was somewhat of a battle, but after Liendo Parkway, it got real fast – REAL FAST!  I think Greg and I caught a tailwind and stomped out 26-27 for a few miles or more; we blew up most of the rollers on the second leg to Fieldstore.  What a great ride!

If you have never seen a stiffie…well, here it is:

Perfectly Erect
Perfectly Erect

If you couldn’t make it out today, perhaps another day; but whatever you do, for God’s sake keep pedalin!

It was a good ride indeed…despite the the massive BLOW&*(!