Welcome to KeepOnPedaling.com


Everyone, this is everyone…

With the formalities out of the way, I would like to welcome everyone to a website that started out as a small group of riders dropping in and sharing rides via email and has now grown to a fairly large email distribution…which led to the creation of this website.

KOP was created to share ride information for anyone who is interested in dropping in for a ride with a truly fun group of cyclists – while sharing stories, maps, photos and other useful information regarding road cycling.  As time goes by, I hope to have a great source of cycling information here – including GPS files, maps, training suggestions, maintenance tips and perhaps even a few opinions about “cycling things” – ultimately, it will be a calendar of upcoming rides – supported, charity, drop-in and the like.

I hope that you find something useful here and perhaps we will meet out on the road – but either way it goes – for God’s sake, keep pedalin’!