Chappell Hill New Year’s Tradition Ride – Chappell Hill, TX

So as it goes, it was a good ride today.  I will mention that we had 6 people all together – first names only…Kip, John, Greg, Robert, David, Jeff – good ride folks – I enjoyed it…ok, so most of it…well…outside of technical difficulties and below freezing temperatures…we had a tail wind for Heartbreak Hill, right?!

When we started, it was 30 degrees – really – it was 30 degrees!

How Cold? Oh!? Thaaat cold!
How Cold? Oh!? Thaaat cold!

When we made the first stop, I think I lost feeling in my right big toe and my left thumb…they were both still attached, but for all intents and purposes, they were gone!  Bear (for those of you who don’t know, Bear is a dog) was still at the Independence General Store – along with all of the “Special Shit” that I sooo love to BBQ with.  The first stop was pretty long as we all de-iced and the second stop was fun once we found out that TPWD have a Keurig…$1.87 cup – but hey, it was hot and we were cold…so I guess $5 would have been a good price too!

All in all it is a good way to end the year (although my quads and hams disagree completely).

I enjoyed it – hope to ride out there again when the temps are a little bit higher.

As an aside, the meatloaf was a good as it always is!

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